Nora Davidson - Zip bag

Nora Davidson - Zip bag

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This vibrant Australian Made cotton zip bag features artwork by Nora Nyutjanka Davidson from Papulankutja Artists.

This story represents the place Nora was born. It is Mulga country and a great place to find honey ants. There is a story of a mother with her two children and they have great success in this place finding honey ants. They enjoy the sweet reward of their efforts.

Papulankutja Artists evolved out of the Women’s Centre where painting had been encouraged as an activity for both men and women since the mid 1980s.  With the Aboriginal art market taking off it became necessary to establish a legal framework to protect the artists and their entitilements. Papulankutja Artists was born in 2003 and a year later registered as an Aboriginal Corporation with the members governing the art centre. After five year struggling to find a home Papulankutja Artists moved into a purpose built art centre in 2009. The art centre also works with artists in Mantamaru (Jameson), a community 75kms to the west. Papulankutja Artists is a community-based, not-for-profit Aboriginal Corporation governed by a committee of elected members.

Born in 1955 near Mantamaru (Jameson) WA, Nora Nyutjanka Davidson led a tradition lifestyle at Warburton in its post-missionary period. With her mother she would go out bush to Snake Well to have picnic lunch, every Saturday, then we would walk from Snake well to the Mission. There was a drum of water halfway if they got thirsty.
After marrying she moved to Wingellina, where she painted with Irrunytju Artists. Later she moved to Papulankutja (Blackstone), Western Australia with her family and continues many of the traditional culture and law practices. Nora paints her country, Multjul birthplace where she was born. She also makes tjanpi (weaving with spinifex grass). 

Each zip bag is a little unique as print placement varies (front and back) and may vary from image shown.

Cotton Zip Bag
Dimensions: 21cm x 12cm
Made in Australia

Royalties from this product directly benefit the artist and their community.