LOQI - Backpack Mondrian

LOQI - Backpack Mondrian

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Graphic Score. Bright blues. Radiant reds. An austere architecture of black and white. Go off the grid with Piet Mondrian’s pitch perfection seen with the Composition bag. © Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Radical abstraction. Strict simplification. A purely primary palette. Piet Mondrian was born in 1872 in the Netherlands. He lived and worked in Paris, London, and New York—developing one of the most unique and recognizable artistic styles of all time.


  • Lightweight - weighs only 85g
  • Water resistant
  • Eco friendly - no more plastic bags
  • Strong - will safely hold up to 10kg
  • Easy access drawstring top closure
  • Comfy black cord straps
  • Handy side zippered pocket 
  • Bold, colourful patterns will not fade
  • size 34 x 43.5 cm (13.3" x 17.1").